Trusting News

Trusting News aims to demystify trust in news and empower journalists to take responsibility for actively demonstrating credibility and earning trust. We believe a more informed electorate that knows where to turn for quality information is key to democracy. 

Newsrooms need to understand the causes of user distrust, take ownership of the problem and be empowered to prioritize earning trust in their everyday work. Any newsroom — across platforms, ownership structures and topics — that stands behind its mission and ethics should make optimizing trust part of its job. That includes:

• Committing to standards of transparency and ethics.

• Dedicating staff time to understanding distrust.

• Explaining their purpose, their decision-making and their process alongside their journalism.

• Using every available medium and method of communication to demonstrate credibility and actively invite and respond to audience feedback and questions.


Lynn Walsh (@lwalsh) presented to our class on what Trusting News does and more about misinformation. See the presentation here:

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